Diving and Water Activities

The entire coastline of Roatán is surrounded by healthy, vibrant coral reefs (and they are getting more healthy in recent years!).  Roatán is lucky enough to be located at both (i) the southern tip of the world’s second largest barrier reef (the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef) and (ii) the deep southern edge of the Cayman Trench. This provides fantastic year-round visibility and nutrient-rich waters, the latter of which results in a thriving ecosystem of marine life unrivaled in the Caribbean (it is said that 90% of all Caribbean reef species can be found off Roatán’s shores).

All of this–and incredible snorkeling–is a short swim from The Beach House!  Visit the Roatán Marine Park to find out more about the incredible diversity of marine life around Roatán.  When you visit The Beach House, you can also visit their offices, which are just a minute’s walk.


Just off the beach in West Bay, in front of West Bay Village (and just off of the private dock at The Beach House), there is a marked snorkeling channel, allowing you to reach the reef safely and easily. This end of the beach is where the reef comes closest to the shore. Although can find snorkel gear for rent all along the beach, it is advisable to bring your own for comfort and fit. Our guests regularly see rays, sea turtles, eels, lobsters, crabs, barracuda and more. Some have even been lucky enough to be enjoying drinks at The Dock Bar and see pods of dolphin swimming by.

Scuba Diving

The scuba diving opportunities are exciting on Roatán for both the novice diver and the advanced explorer. We highly recommend that even if you are a non-diver you consider partaking in a “discover scuba diving” experience. If you fall in love with the great blue, the cost counts towards your PADI certification.  It is just a half day, and is well worth it to take the plunge!

If you are looking for local dive shops, we have partnered with Roatan Divers.  Roatán Divers provides a true boutique dive shop, focused on top quality service, personal attention, safety, comfort and environmental responsibility. Roatán Divers are a quick two-minute walk along the beach in Half Moon Bay.  If you would like to contact them in advance to make arrangements for your diving, please email them directly at info@roatandiver.com. 

We also work with EcoDivers, who can pick you up on The Beach House dock.  EcoDivers will work with you to make your dive (or snorkel) experience the highlight of your vacation.  If you are the half of a couple that dives, you can visit the depths of the barrier reef and be back to your partner in less than two hours–or perhaps your partner will join you to snorkel the same dive site. We love EcoDivers because they contribute a portion of the price of every dive to the Roatán Marine Park.


Stand up paddleboarding is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports and is easy to learn regardless of your age or ability level. Discover the fun, tranquility and core workout advantages of stand up paddleboarding while enjoying a whole new perspective of the beautiful Roatán waters.  The Beach House has two paddleboards for rent, and there are many more available throughout West End.

Submarine Ride

Roatán is home to the world’s deepest tourist submarine. Built and piloted by Karl Stanley, “Idabel” takes up to two passengers to over 2000ft below the surface–there is literally nowhere else in the world that you could do this.  In this cold, pitch-dark inner space you’ll meet some of the strangest creatures ever seen by the human eye, including the sixgill shark. Maybe you will be the very first person to ever see something!  Visit Stanley Submarines for more information.

Swimming with Dolphins

For many, swimming with dolphins has been a childhood dream. Now you can live that dream here on Roatán. Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay offers encounters, snorkels, swims, and dives with dolphins! Kids of all ages can get up close and personal with these playful mammals. Experienced trainers will take you into the lagoon and introduce you to the dolphins. Once you get to know the dolphins, feed them and play with them, you can go out for a swim.  The Beach House concierge can let you know availability during your visit and make the arrangements for you.


There are a number of yachts and catamarans you can charter for the afternoon, for a day, or for a longer cruise to the neighboring islands. Even Belize is only a day’s sail away. Stock up the coolers, get the rods out, lay back and let the wind take you. Chartered sunset cruises and dive trips are also possible.

Fishing Charters

Roatán is famous for fishing opportunities, deep sea or flats. We recommend striking up a conversation with one of the many local fishermen that hang out on the docks. You will get a good price and a very rewarding day of fishing on a tropical Caribbean Island. Barracuda and tuna can be found year-round, and dorado and wahoo come around in the winter months. We are happy to make recommendations and/or to book a charter if you would like.

Boat Charters

There are a number of motorboat charters available for trips around the island–a really great way to see and appreciate the beauty that is Roatán. Explore parts of the island rarely visited. Let us know what you want to do and we will do everything that we can to make it happen!

Land Activities

There is plenty to see and do above the water and away from Roatán’s popular beaches. Take the time to seek out the island’s hidden corners and to explore some of its hidden luxuries. Spend the afternoon finding a deserted stretch of beach, the best seafood on the island, or a lazy tropical spa. We also have island tours available with our driver, Alex, who can provide you with a guided tour of some of the less-traveled portions of the island–or take you to some of the more popular spots (such as the sloth farm)–or both!


Spend a day or more at Roatán’s first golf course, The Black Pearl, located at the Pristine Bay Resort. Created by award-winning architect Pete Dye, this 18-hole course offers spectacular views and amenities.

Road Trip

Rent a jeep or a truck and head out to the less developed East End of Roatán. You’ll come across isolated beaches, small fishing villages dotting the coast and always some interesting characters.

Mangrove Tunnels

From Oak Ridge, a water taxi can take you through a series of tunnels, carved through the mangrove forests many centuries ago. You’ll pass by some of the oldest settlements in the Americas, built on stilts over the water.

Nature Tours

Nature lovers and birdwatchers will enjoy a stroll around Carambola Gardens, located just above Anthony’s Key Resort. Learn about the many different tropical plants and flowers. Climb up to the lookout above the Gardens and you’ll see the whole jungle and reef laid out before you.

There is an Iguana Farm near French Harbour, a sanctuary for these endangered island reptiles. Don’t miss feeding time! There is also a butterfly garden near West End.

Canopy Tours

There are now a number of eco-adventures featuring zip-lines through the jungle canopy. With safe, professional guides you can fly through trees filled with wildlife, orchids and exhilarating views. We recommend South Shore Canopy Tour, just outside West Bay.

Horseback Riding

Best done in the cooler hours of the early morning or sunset, you can ride along the beaches, through the forests and along the ridges of West Bay. We recommend El Rancho Barrio Dorcas West End and Keifito’s Plantation West Bay. Prices are reasonable and the horses are well cared-for. You can catch a water-taxi from West Bay Village to the Keifito’s stables or West End.

Spas and Massages

There are some excellent massage therapists available in West End. Please let us know upon your arrival what you are interested in, and we can help you arrange in-room massages or full-day spa visits.