The Beach House is located at the western tip of Roátan – about a 20-minute taxi ride from Roátan International Airport – at the entrance of the West End. Guests regularly ask what the difference is between West End and West Bay. And there is a difference, even though they are not far apart (not to mention that the West End is on a bay, and West Bay is at the end…)!

West End Village has been a community on the island for decades.  West End Village has evolved into an eclectic mix of local Roatánians who live and work in the village, and an interesting community of new visitors to the island each of whom has each put their stamp on the community in the shape of dive shops, art galleries, beach bars and restaurant that are dotted along the West End Road.

There is one main beach in West End, and the entire community is essentially beach front. Half Moon Bay sits at the entrance of West End in a delightful protected cove which offers fantastic snorkeling, paddleboarding, and swimming. The Beach House is situated in a unique location right in the center of Half Moon Bay and every room faces west, so the sunsets – oh, the sunsets!

West Bay is a 15-minute water taxi away from the West End and provides a fabulous beach with even more snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. West Bay offers more of a resort feel – there wasn’t a community there 20 years ago, so it’s all fairly new, and there are some bigger resorts – this is where to stay if you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience with a large swimming pool. Most people venture to West Bay at least once during their time on Roatán, and doing so is very easy.  The water taxis run between sunrise and sunset between West End and West Bay for $3 per person.  It is really a wonderful experience, if even just for the boat ride!

It is the West End that is the heart and soul of the area. The West End is a small village, and you will get to know it well. What makes a vacation in Roatán so relaxing is that you can leave driving behind and go almost everywhere on foot from The Beach House. There are numerous dive shops, a multitude of restaurants and bars, and lots of little quirky shops to explore in between sunbathing on the dock, finding new underwater creatures and popping up from a dive.

We look forward to sharing it all with you and you’ll be in good hands. The Beach House concierge is open every day, 365 days a year, and starts with you just contacting us. We particularly enjoy sharing the best of Roatán with our guests. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see or do during your stay, just let us know.

Challenge us to make your experience as unique and exciting as you’d like it to be. This is your vacation – make the most of it!